update_term_meta() not serializing array? Fixed

 WordPress functions like:


will serialize data automatically before adding to the MySQL, so the the data will be stored as serialized string:

$data = Array
    [123] => 1
    [a] => 1
    [456] => 1

update_term_meta ($termid,'_your_key', $data);

If you are using PODS to create metadata, somehow it causes the function not to be serialized correctly, so you have to use the function

$data = maybe_serialized($data) 


update_term_meta ($termid,'_your_key', $data);

If you want to get back the data, you have to unserialized the data again.

$data = get_term_meta ($termid,'_your_key');
$data = maybe_unserialize($data);

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